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Market entry strategy

Business plan / target operating model

  • Assessment of current state, followed by a detailed design of the desired future state
  • Creation of proposed business strategy, detailed operating model & financial plan

Business process re-engineering

  • Mapping As-Is Processes and identifying the problems, issues and expectations (PIEs)
  • Re-design of processes using lean and six sigma principles and activity-based costing and budgeting

Cost optimisation

  • Identification of strategic cost optimisation levers to achieve the greatest potential for savings
  • Propose a new and flexible operating model and define a restructured cost base

Shared services centre

  • Conducting feasibility assessment and developing operations blueprint for creation of SSC
  • Set-up of SSC including structure, process and technology alignment

Growth / revenue enhancement

  • Analyse revenue trends & profitability by product, brand, geography, channel & key customers to identify new sources of       growth and future customer needs
  • Create growth strategy & identify growth vehicles for its delivery

Assessment, gap analysis and innovation

  • Assessment of current market scenario and Gap Analysis to identify potential areas of need
  • Develop a complete digital transformation strategy, with a focus on innovations where possible

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