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Training & Development

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Training analysis

Are your training programs “all talk and no action”? Do participants enjoy the time away from work, but struggle to put the new training to use? Or does your training teach non-relevant skills that are “nice to have” but are never really utilized? Then you need to talk to us about our Training Analysis program.

At the root of all effective training is a clear set of learning objectives that are linked back to business strategy or business needs. Learning objectives also assure that your training is gearing.

The right skill sets to the right employees and gives you a basis for post-training evaluation – did you accomplish what you set out to do? Our Training Analysis will evaluate your training’s learning objectives and also assess if the training is actually delivering to the bottom line of your business. By using a four step evaluation process, we can help you fine tune your program and actually help you measure the ROI of your training dollars. Don’t waste any more money on unsuccessful training – let us help you evaluate your training approaches.

Training Offering

Performance Management

Performance Management is not a “nice to have” process to give employees feedback – it is an absolute cornerstone to good HR practices and employee relations. But perhaps even more important is that performance appraisals when handled poorly can open your company up to legal issues from a disgruntled employee.

A good performance appraisal process should include setting clear and specific performance expectations for each employee and providing periodic informal and formal feedback about the employee’s performance relative to those stated goals. Many performance management processes also include opportunity for feedback from the employee to help establish a richer dialog and a way to better understand their particular interests and long term career goals.

Is your performance management system robust enough to help align employee to the overall business goals, provide constructive feedback for improvement and create a rich development plan for their growth? We can help you create your own process and forms and then help train all of your managers on how to successfully conduct a performance appraisal. Don’t let a bad or inadequate system come back and haunt you later – let us help you now!

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Succession Planning

Talent is the new scarce resource for businesses in today’s constantly changing environment. A company’s ability to attract, mobilize and develop their talent is the key competitive differentiator. As a result, static succession plans that rely on succession charts and “who will succeed who” are not adequate tools to successfully manage your talent pipeline for your company’s future challenges.

Let us help you develop a robust succession planning process by first examining your business strategy and then define where you are headed. Then we can help you create a succession plan to develop your current

talent and get them ready for the future. Finally, the succession plan will help you identify the developmental activities that your high potential candidates will need to succeed in the future. Don’t put off planning for the future of your firm’s talent any longer – take charge and manage your talent pipeline today.

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Employee Surveys

How engaged are your employees? We may think that our workforce is highly motivated and ready for tomorrow’s challenges, but how do we really know? An Employee Survey can help assess the level of engagement of your workforce and – more importantly – point to areas that are causing dissatisfaction and insights on how to fix them.

Our Employee Surveys are customized for each client so that we can focus on your specific issues. Our approach can also divide your workforce into as many subgroups as are necessary to fully evaluate your employee work climate. We meet with you to understand your needs, then create the outline of the survey and finally design the questions to best address your needs. We can distribute the survey electronically or if necessary administer a paper version of the questions. Once completed, we create a comprehensive report that will show you the key concerns of your employees and recommendations on how to best deliver the results and create an action plan to address some of the key issues that have surfaced in the results.

The first step to an engaged workforce starts with an Employee Survey. Call us today to get started.

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